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Nobody should feel shame about the existence of Huntington’s disease in their family. The symptoms of HD, including involuntary movements as well as cognitive and psychiatric challenges, have forced many of those affected to hide the disease for fear of public criticism, discrimination and unfair treatment.

It’s time for Huntington’s to be Hidden No More.

We need your help to get the word out about this important issue – because together we can achieve more for families and communities affected by HD.

We encourage you to read, watch and share the videos, photos and graphics below. They have been created specifically for you to use to drive awareness and education about HD and to lift the stigma around it.

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In this kit, you will find key messages, sample letters, media pitches and more to help you get the word out in your community. Download today.

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On May 18, families from Columbia, Venezuela and Argentina will travel to meet Pope Francis and join an audience of thousands at the Vatican. Meet the families and share their stories

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Share these simple graphics to build awareness around the plight of those affected by HD.

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